Owner Testimonials

I would highly recommend Coastline Vacation rentals to anyone who was interested in renting out a place at Cape San Blas! After being with them for over a year now, I can tell you Elizabeth is a real hands-on agent. She makes sure our place is clean, organized and inviting to our guests and she has done a good job in keeping it rented for us. We have been very satisfied with the results.
– Jan Ballew

After deciding to market our beach vacation rental house on VRBO, we recognized that it would be critical to our success to have a capable on-site manager. In the year since we engaged Elizabeth to perform this vital service, we could not be more pleased. Elizabeth is extremely professional and customer service-oriented, and, through her efforts, our home has consistently garnered a five-star experience rating from our guests.
We are fortunate to have Elizabeth on our team, and are confident that you will be very satisfied with the caliber and quality of customer service that she will extend to you as well.
– John Bauer

Since Elizabeth took over my unit, she has done her normal responsibilities and more. She is always available when there is a problem or something needs to be done at my property. I live far enough away that I have to plan a trip to come and do things that are a part of renting my property. Elizabeth always steps in and offers to handle things and always follows through to completion. I am very lucky to have her handling the unit, because she isn’t a quitter and won’t give in until she comes up with a solution that works for everyone. She is fair and markets my property in a fashion that she keeps the renters and me happy and that makes for a good manager. She treats my property like it is her own and that means a lot to me. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a good property manager, not just a mediocre one. She is and her business is well above the “average” property manager.
-Pat Gillum

Tom and Judy Seay here. We are the owners of Scallop Cove #2. Tom had been going to this cabin as a renter for years before we finally had the opportunity to purchase it. We strive to make each and everyone’s stay as pleasant as we had in the past. We personally think we really do have a little piece of paradise with the best of both worlds, the bay on one side and the beach on the other. And we could not do it without our fabulous property manager, Elizabeth Bryk. She has done an outstanding job for us! For all who have stayed or will stay in the future, here’s to an amazing experience.
– Tom and Judy Seay

I picked up a house on Mexico Beach last year for rental purposes. My first concern was to find a rental manager that I could trust and who would work for me and handle all aspects of the house without me getting too involved. I found Elizabeth to my good luck, after an interview with her by myself and my daughter (who is a real estate agent) we decided on Elizabeth. This we found to be a very wise choice. She has handled the house completely, from placing on line and keeping it rented to making sure furniture was bought and placed, to keeping the house clean and ready as well as any and all issues that may come up. With her living in the area she is able to address any issues that come up and had any time. Since having her as my manager, I have not had any worries or concerns about my house with maintenance or keeping it rented. I would recommend her to anyone considering turning their house into a rental.
-Jess John Thompson

Being new to rental procedures, we reached out to several different property management services for information. It was not until discovering Coastline Vacation Rentals and Elizabeth Bryk that our concerns were answered. Elizabeth took over the concerns of getting the house ready for the market. Listening to our concerns, questions, and working with us to resolve any problems. Her expertise and knowledge of customer service has kept our house rented and place her number “1” with us. I am sure we have made the right decision with Coastline Vacation Rentals.
– James Harris and Mary Conley